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Cangjie Avenue

位於蘇州平江古鎮的仁恆倉街項目,我們探索蘇州過去歷史與未來發展的鏈結,將平江路視為蘇州的”城 市之心”,代表著蘇州形而上的”靈魂/ 自然/ 創造力”,與形而下的”人文/ 園林/ 建築”互相呼應,提煉出代表蘇州倉街項目的核心視覺,並延伸至品牌象徵符號與品牌輔助圖騰之中

For Yanhengcang Street project that is located in the ancient town Pingjiang, Suzhou, we have explored the connection between Suzhou’s history and its future development, and regarded Pingjiang Road as Suzhou’s “heart of the city” which represents the metaphysical “soul/nature/creativity” of Suzhou and echoes with the physical “humanities/gardens/architecture”. Extracting the core vision able to represent Suzhou Cangjie project, we have also extended it to the brand symbols and brand supporting totems.


Logo Design

VI Design

Signage Design

Creative Director

Thomas Chiang

Graphic Designer

Phil Yang





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