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Atour Hotel

由亞朵集團傾力打造的上海虹橋中心愛琴海亞朵S酒店,“薩和”(SAVHE)起源於傈僳族語言中“呼吸”一詞,來自於亞朵品牌的發源地,也是本案的靈感來源,為了營造酒店的精神場所“薩 和”

我們改造了原有公寓中空置的天井,與書店的閱讀功能相結合,塑造它成為一個“會呼吸的空間”,讓人們在繁忙的大都市中能夠沉靜下來關照內心,我們解構 ATOUR 既有品牌視覺象徵符號,將其重新形構專屬於 ATOUR 4.0 的指標系統設計

A dedicatedly built project by Atour Group.

“SAVHE” ,originated from the word “to breathe” in Lisu language, comes from the cradle land of the brand Atour and is also the inspirational source of this project. To create the spiritual space “SAVHE” of the hotel, we renovated the unused patio in the building and combined the function of a bookstore to make it a “breathing space”, enabling people in the buzzling big city to unwind and look inwardly.

We have deconstructed the existing symbol of the brand visual identity, and re-constructed the design to be the index system exclusively for ATOUR 4.0.



Signage Design

Creative Director

Thomas Chiang

Graphic Designer

Phil Yang


YaDuo Resort



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